Professor Judy Atkinson

Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson is a Jiman (central west Queensland) and Bundjalung (northern New South Wales) woman, with Anglo-Celtic and German heritage. Her academic contributions to the understanding of trauma related issues stemming from the violence of...

Dr Carol Richards (School of Management, Business School, QUT)

Dr Carol Richards is a sociologist specialising in sustainable food systems, food insecurity, agricultural land acquisition, food governance and social movements. She has contributed to academic and public debates on issues relating to power and social justice in the...

Alejandro Lopez-Musalem (Mexico)

A native Zapotec from Oaxaca, México. Alejandro holds a BSc. in Agronomy from University of Chapingo and Master in Tropical Agroforestry from CATIE in Costa Rica. Alejandro has worked for various organizations at home and abroad on issues related to environmental...


Like her namesake, Syren’s enchanting voice and music lures listeners and takes them on a mystical journey of sight and sound. The Darwin-based singer / songwriter’s unique sound is a blend of dreamy vocals, textured electronic instrumentation delivered with trip step...

Peter Hunt

Peter Hunt is a singer, songwriter and trumpet player who’s music carries a depth of feeling that echoes, at times crawls, soars, or grows like a tree through the cracks in a city’s pavement or the air of open country.  It is a multi-faceted being with layers that...

Steve Harris

Steve is the CEO of Australia’s first community owned renewable energy retailer, Enova Energy, located here on the North Coast. Steve’s vision is to assist the community to reduce their impact on the environment, by encouraging and supporting the growth of...

Jo Nemeth

Jo is living a moneyless life in an attempt to reduce her environmental and social footprint. Closing her bank account, quitting her job and getting rid of a lot of her stuff at the end of 2014, Jo took money out of the equation hoping that, without it, she would find...

Fox Fires

Eclectic Electric Groove with a hot n sassy 6 piece band including the infamous (from Rapskallion) on Vocals & Guitar. Imagine a musical collaboration between Ennio Morricone, Tom Waits and a rockabilly orchestra playing Congalese soukous infused with sun-filled...

UNLIMITED FILTERED WEEKEND WATER PASS $5 on the door | $4 to COREM, $1 to 'Charity Water' to provide filtered wells for global communities in need. Courtesy of We-Refill.
ZERO WASTE festival. BYO Cups, plates and cutlery. Limited hires available. FREE wash station at our 'Water Lilly Wash Pod' all weekend.

“I am heartened that RenewFest is the first festival of its kind to recognise child-rearing as a pivotal driver of social destiny, and to make this a centerpiece of its evolutionary agenda. I am so proud and privileged to be a part of this initiative.”


RENEW FEST is a celebration of sustainable change in ACTION happening Saturday May 6 and Sunday May 7, 2017 in Mullumbimby, Byron Shire, NSW.

Set under magnificent fig trees in the lush foothills of Mt Chincogan, this community collaboration brings together an inspiring collection of hearts and minds to showcase cellular intelligence for sustainable futures. Feeding your heart and mind Renew Fest will ripen your world.

Renew Fest, seeded by COREM, is the start of a potent movement to renew many facets of our communities livelihood and this beautiful earth. With your support it has grown into a 2 day lived experience festival of sustainability in May 2017.

We together can create the future our children and the next 7 generations deserve.

It is our collective and individual responsibility, to tend to and preserve the world in which we all live. ~ Dalai Lama

RENEW FEST is a 100% drug and alcohol free festival.

RENEW FEST is a ZERO WASTE festival. 

Please bring your own cups, plates & utensils. Free wash station available throughout the festival.


Robin Grille (Australia)

Visionary, Psychologist, Internationally acclaimed Author, Parenting Educator, Peace Advocate, Facilitator, Lecturer. Read more.

Helena Norberg-Hodge (Australia)

Visionary, Founder and Director of Local Futures / International Alliance for Localisation / Global Village Network, Alternative Nobel Prize Winner, Goi Peace Prize, Author. Read more.

Lesley Hughes (Australia)

Distinguished Professor of Biology, Former federal Climate Commissioner, Councillor with the Climate Council of Australia, Director for WWF Australia, Director of the Biodiversity Node for the NSW Adaptation Hub, Advisory committee for Future Earth Australia. Read more.

Robert Pekin (Australia)

Executive Director Food Connect Foundation, Driver of New Creative Food Economies, Director of Open Food Web Foundation, Farming System Consultant Read more.

Anja Lyngbaek (Denmark)

Rural Resource Management and Agroforestry Expert, International Localisation Advocate, Educator, Facilitator, Change Agent. Read more.

Dan Schreiber (Australia)

Gardener, visionary, father, inspirational storyteller, speaker, lecturer and Creative Director of Starseed Gardens. Read more.

Alejandro Lopez-Musalem (Mexico)

International NGO Director, Tropical Agroforesty Expert, Farmer, Educator, International Speaker. Read more.

and many more…

Zan Boag (Byron Shire)
presents Amusing Ourselves to Death

There’s little doubt that the media – from traditional to social media – influences who we are, how we think, and what we discuss. Simply put, it defines which topics and ideas are most important to us. However the problem is not simply that it influences us, but how we are influenced – and how much. Read more

Zan Boag is Editor of New Philosopher and Editorial Director of Womankind magazine. Ethics Coordinator with Primary Ethics, helping promote critical thinking skills in children from a young age Read more.


A festival focused on the future of our sustainable world.


Rob Passey (Byron Shire)

Senior Research Associate, Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets, Faculty of Engineering, UNSW Australia. Board Representative COREM. Read more.

Sequoia Krop (Australia)

Writer, doula, Shamanic witch, a blood priestess and energetic healer. Read more.

Judy Atkinson (Australia)

Human Rights and Mental Health Expert, Researcher, Writer,  Advisor, Director, Indigenous Rights Advocate, International Award Winner. Read more.

Jaiia Cerff (Byron Shire)

Youth Leader, NGO Youth Leader for COP21 UN Conference, Earth Guardians International Representative, Change Agent, Musician, Speaker. Read more.

Cameron Nuttall

Local and global youth activist, gratitude advocate, nature lover. Read more.


Amanda Cahill (Brisbane)

Director and Founder of the Centre for Social Change, International Advocate for Community Development, Enterprise development, Health promotion, Climate change adaptation. Read more.

Denise Love (Australia)

International NGO Director, International Doula Trainer, Death Doula, Undisturbed Birth Advocate, Registered Nurse. Read more.

Steve Harris (Byron Shire)

CEO of Australia’s first community owned renewable energy retailer, Enova Energy, Community Advocate, Business Planner, Strategist. Read more.

Joel Orchard (Byron Shire)

President of Mullum S.E.E.D, Found of Future Feeders & Byron Fair Food, new school farmer, food systems activist, passionate advocate for young farmers and local agricultural industry networker. Read more.

This is a family friendly event. Under 16 years of age are welcome free of charge.

Ticket prices are low to allow you to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign. With everyone contributing to the generosity which imbues the whole festival we stand committed to the sustainable transition of our area and climate action at large. We highly value your contribution. Crowdfunding campaign launches March 1.