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UNLIMITED FILTERED WEEKEND WATER PASS $5 on the door | $4 to COREM, $1 to ‘Charity Water’ to provide filtered wells for global communities in need.
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Ethical Economics

Celebrating Collaborative Action

Ethical Economics

Celebrating Collaborative Action

Saturday | Main Stage

Keynote Presentation with Helena Norberg-Hodge

The Economics of Happiness – for healthy people and ecosystems

How can we create an economic system which enhances both human and ecological wellbeing? Drawing inspiration from Gandhi, Schumacher and the fundamental laws of Gaia, this talk will highlight the benefits of going local – moving towards integrated, human-scale economic structures in which deeply personal, heartfelt relationships matter most of all. Localisation is a solution multiplier which restores the fabric of community, while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions, unemployment and the gap between rich and poor.   Helena will describe a kaleidoscope of people-powered movements —a source of real hope for the future which has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. She will make the case for international collaboration between environmentalists, farmers and social activists to rebuild local and regional economies worldwide. She will highlight the policy and community steps that can bring us there, and the inspiring psychological, social, and ecological benefits of economic localization that are already being demonstrated around the world.

Sunday | POD Program

Panel 1 – Philosophy of Ethical Econ

The Economy as a Home for Spirit – The language of Economics – what is an economy, what are we trying to do, how do we frame the right questions. Does the framing matter?

Panel 2 – New Theory

Postcards from Post-Capitalism – Emerging alternatives to transform the clusterfuck

Panel 3 – New Econ in Practice

A Turtle in the Rat-Race – running an ethical business in an ethically-challenged economic system.

Panel 4 – Harnessing Markets for Good

Investing in the greater good: Impact investing and Social Enterprise

+ including contributions from….

Dan Fitzgerald

Dan’s vision is to create a harmonious existence for all beings and the Planet, now and for future generations. Dan believes in aligning the interests of all stakeholders by investing in an ecologically regenerative, socially conscious and economically productive...

Jo Nemeth

Jo is living a moneyless life in an attempt to reduce her environmental and social footprint. Closing her bank account, quitting her job and getting rid of a lot of her stuff at the end of 2014, Jo took money out of the equation hoping that, without it, she would find...

Thomas Kern

Thomas Kern co-founded ‘The Accountability Institute’ in 2015 as a thought tank for the futuring of accounting and its requisite education. The Accountability Institute aims to foster collaborations between art, science, technology and economics, bringing these fields...

Andrew Boon

Andrew is the CEO/Founder of Boonex Community Software and UNA Inc. Specialising in social networking software development since 2000, powering over 300,000 community websites worldwide.

Alice Moffett

Alice is the founder of Self Seed Consulting. Engaging project management and community-based marketing is at the heart of Alice’s work. Through her consultancy, she has worked in the design and implementation of a range of programs that have effectively engaged...

Michael Lyon

Michael was born in Brisbane and studied Law and Commerce at the University of Queensland, followed by a business strategy professional qualification with CIMA. He has been the General manager of Santos for the past 5 years and overseen the transformation of this...

Elias Johnson

Elias Johnson is the director and co-founder of the Kindred Youth foundation. His passion is empowering people and youth to live from the heart and to live their dreams. Elias is a youth worker, massage therapist, father and facilitator.

Amanda Cahill

Amanda is the Director and Founder of the Centre for Social Change. She founded the Centre because she is inspired by the many people around the world who are already making the world a better place to live and wants to support those doing good to do even better....

Helena Norberg-Hodge

Helena Norberg-Hodge is a pioneer of the new economy movement and recipient of both the Alternative Nobel prize and the Goi Peace Prize. She is the producer of the award-winning The Economics of Happiness and author of the inspirational classic Ancient Futures. Helena...

and more to come…