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Renew Fest 2017

Crowdfunding for Change | Supporting COREM's 2020 Vision

Renew Fest 2017

Crowdfunding for Change | Supporting COREM's 2020 Vision

Renew Fest 2017 is crowdfunding for the next phase of COREM’s 2020 vision. The 2020 Vision is working towards running Mullumbimby on 100% renewable energy and many organisations and people are coming together to make this happen. And we need you to be involved!

Renew Fest is seeking your support to present this unique model of community crowdfunding to be the model for other communities to excel their sustainability agendas.

Those wishing to support our crowdfunding campaign, simply purchase a very low priced 1 or 2 day ticket to Renew Fest and help set the precedent for people and communities taking control of our sustainable future.



For Mullumbimby and the 2482 postcode alone, the transition to 100% renewable energy is a significant task. By supporting us, we then can lead the way to show that it is possible to create the safe climate essential to our survival.

To reach our 2017 targets as part of our 100 % Renewable Energy goal we require $100,000… These funds are for

1. Community Solar Assets

$35 000 required for 5 new projects

We have buildings run by volunteer community groups waiting for solar. The PV system not only addresses climate change but money generated from this renewable electricity also supports local community groups and is returned to COREM to be used again in our Revolving Community Energy Fund. A truly sustainable solution for people and the planet.

2. Projects

$30 000

Clean the Grid

Inspiring residents to take the pledge to run on renewable energy and create entire streets to be declared free of fossil fuel electricity. Educational and support materials need to be developed for both volunteers and home visits.

Community Solar Bulk Buy

Community bulk buys make solar easy and affordable for all. Some return is expected from this project after promotions and marketing costs.

Local Business Solar Program

Linking and supporting businesses and their landlords to go solar. There are some legal costs involved with developing a contract(s) for the project, however pro bono support is also being sourced.

It is anticipated some of the projects will generate some small income, with this money being returned to the revolving fund to continue to support the work of COREM in perpetuity!

To ensure the swift and successful delivery of these 3 programs a project coordinator is required 2 days a week, at a cost of approximately $25 000 over 12 months.

3. Laverty’s Gap Hydro Power Station

$15 000

Mullumbimby once ran on renewable energy and we want history to repeat. COREM is ready to enage an initial Pre-Feasibility study into refurbishing the decomissioned hydro power station. A project brief has already been finalised for this work, now we just need the money!!


4. Public & Community Relations

$5 000

Including the COREM website, social media, newsletter, marketing, promotions & merchandise.


5. Energy Education Centre

$15 000

The Energy Education Centre is envisaged to be a central part of town where people can meet and have coffee and talk about all things energy including receiving information from COREM, Enova and ZEB (Zero Emissions Byron) and access to resources, staff and support for all things energy transition in our Shire.

We are looking to build this as a partnership project with a number of groups and collaborate on the development of this concept and show our commitment to ensuring it happens ASAP!


These actions will enable us to be a step closer to our local 100% renewable energy goal, but will grow the groundswell for the national action required.


Power to the People!  Donate now and feel the love 

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE courtesy of our friends at championing sustainability leadership and community org support!



Additional work is also being undertaken by COREM in the following areas:

  • Education and Awareness Building – speaking and participating in local events on the issues of Climate Change, RE and the work of COREM; online mapping of RE uptake of all roof top solar in town with real time generation shown live on our website
  • Community Relations – COREM is a grassroots community group and highly values the personal relationships with members of our community that are being developed; building and extending these relationships is an ongoing undertaking
  • Grants & Funding Applications – to government and philanthropic sources, for COREM and partnership projects with groups such as Enova, ZEB, Community Power Agency (CPA)
  • Research – into successful CORE groups and projects elsewhere; sites for future solar PV installation in Mullumbimby and the Byron Shire; potential RE resources in the area other than solar PV; barriers in the community to RE uptake; energy efficiency and electricity use reduction options in the region.

Plus ways to bring about the renewable energy transition and return empowerment and revenue to the community at the same time.

  • Submissions – to government and stakeholder groups in relation to RE policy and increased uptake
  • Resource Development – educational materials and articles that can be used locally and by other groups wanting to do similar work.