We are a transparent community group working towards creating 100% community-owned renewable energy for Mullumbimby, with profits benefiting the sustainable development of our community and beyond.

COREM: Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby is a not for profit community action group dedicated to setting up community-owned renewable energy projects in the Mullumbimby area, in the pursuit and promotion of a 100% renewable energy future for the region.

The model of community-owned renewable energy:

  • increases the amount of renewables in the region
  • allows wider access to renewable energy
  • offers community ownership
  • celebrates and empowered by community engagement
  • invests profits paid back to the community for more sustainable and renewable energy projects, ever increasing the community benefit

Everyone benefits – including the earth and future generations!

COREM is run by local volunteers who are actively engaged in a number of Community-Owned Renewable Energy projects in the Mullumbimby area. We welcome membership and all forms of support as we go about the mission to achieve our vision.

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